Centro Comercial La Marina

A day at the Centro Comercial La Marina

Welcome to the Centro Comercial La Marina, a place where you shall be able to find everything in fashion, a vast array of services and where you will enjoy our privileged restaurant area located in the roof terrace, the best we could think of for our clients.

The shopping centre was opened in September 2000 and, since then, we have done nothing else but learn from our experience to continue being one of the greatest shopping references in the region of the Marina Baixa in Alicante and, especially, in the city of Benidorm.

Let's make a short tour of our facilities:

We'll start off at Level 0

It's time to let your creativity run free, relax and bring in a touch of freshness to your home, discover the novelties in fashion for this spring, smell the aroma of freshly made coffee, amuse yourself with the latest technology or change your looks.

Follow us, this is only the beginning...

Level 1 is undoubtedly a synonym of fashion. We know that each person is unique, and we all have different tastes, preferences and opinions. This is why we multiply our possibilities so that you may find all those items that you most like thanks to our broad selection of shops which range from the most practical and functional to the most modern and innovative.

Therefore, you have no excuse not to follow the latest trends. Give free reign to your imagination, wake up your creativeness and be more in style than ever.

Lastly, enjoy that well-deserved rest in our terrace

Lastly, we have reached the top floor. We find ourselves in the shopping centre's roof terrace, a place where kids can truly enjoy themselves in an area which has been specially designed for them. Sink into big ball pools, jump higher and higher on our jump mats; you are the quickest in the circuit. And if you still haven't' had enough, we dare you to play a round of mini golf in our circuit.

Enjoy the latest film releases in the 9 screens which have been especially fitted for maximum comfort and in which the images and sound turn the performance into a live show. Don't forget that we offer discounts for people over 65 years of age as well as for young people sporting a Carnet Jove card or a student university card.

Finally, don't forget that in the roof terrace your shall be able to chill out and get your energies back after a hard day at the shopping centre and our restaurant offer is very broad, but the final decision is entirely up to you.

Book your tickets:
902 48 84 88 (24h)
96 683 11 95 (902488488 (24h)
96 6831195 (cinema opening times)) DOLBY, SDDS, DTS digital sound
Double armrests
Broad separation between rows
VIP room
Discounts on Wednesdays
Carnet Joven, people over 65 years old, university student card. Monday-Thursday. Not valid on public holidays
Late night showing at reduced prices
Number of screens: 9
bolera 96 680 52 00
Open daily from 16:00.
Bowling alley with 12 professional lanes
Amusement arcade, coffee bar, special activities during the weekend and much more.
Birthdays, business packs.
Come and get to know us.

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